Monday, July 16, 2012

DRAFT Chicago Cultural Plan 2012

The DRAFT Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 is ready for your review! There are two documents that together make up the DRAFT Chicago Cultural Plan 2012. The first is the Cultural Plan, outlining the top-line priorities and potential initiatives that aim to address them. The second is the Supplemental Materials, a more thorough examination of the set of initiatives, with timeline and estimated annual operating cost estimates for each.

The draft plan is ready for your download and review. Read the Plan and let us know your thoughts at the July Town Hall meetings taking place throughout the city! Or here at this website.

The Cultural Plan remains a draft through the end of the summer, when we will be incorporating your feedback into a finalized version, to be released in the Fall.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this plan possible. Your participation, your vision, your ideas - your plan.

Download Links
Cultural Plan (4.9 MB PDF)
Supplemental Materials  (1.5 MB PDF)

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