Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grab Bag Wednesday

We randomly select five ideas submitted online by Chicagoans and share those ideas on the blog. Individuals are welcome to comment, agree, disagree, or post their own feedback. Below are the next five in this series:

Submitted Feb 23 by D.W.
Functional artists could be partnered with local business to make furniture, light fixtures, vases, place settings, etc.

Chicago has begun a legacy with its green roof program and should continue to be at the forefront of north american sustainable design.

I live in the lincoln square neighborhood. Is there anything I can do to help with our local town hall on march 1, or any other volunteer opportunities associated with the culture plan?

Submitted Feb 26 by W.
Culture should represent viable institutions that support and allow culture to exists. We struggle on the South and West Sides since many of our instutions such as The Regal Theater on 79th Street, Muntu Dance Theater on 47th Street, Harold Washington Center on 47th Street, Sutherland Ball Room on 47th Street, The ETA Center for the Creative Arts and many other institutions that are underfunded from national funding agencies, and they lack city supports to provide viable institutions to host, and display cultural events.
Hopefully, this plan will highlight this issue and more funding can be directed to the sticks and bricks/infrastructure of neighborhood cultural institutions.

Submitted Feb 27 by M.M.
My suggestions for crucial ingredients to be considered for the city's cultural plan:

1) Support and grow the local community aspect of our city's creative ecosystem, including neighborhood based arts organizations and independent artists. A critical dimension of this is strengthening networking capacities between artists and venues of all sizes to increase where art happens and who has access to it. Some of this is about mapping the resources artists need to make their art and partnering them with spaces, organizations and businesses that can meet those needs and help support the art. In other words, more money is great, but I think it's as much about resources and access as it is about cash. Partnering creates relationships that can potentially continue to bear fruit and don't always have to be dependent on cash (in-kind can be just as nice). Grant money, unless there's a commitment, runs the problem of ending and only funding a project.

2) Commit to integrating arts education in every Chicago public school. Developing an interest in the arts young creates potential artists and arts supporters later. In addition, the arts can be a wonderful strategy to help build productive civic minded humans who think deeply about their worlds and know the value of interdisciplinarity and collaboration.

Submitted Feb 27 by P.W.
Hello, My name is P.W. and I am a resident of Chicago since 1995. I am as well an independent art curator for visual arts exhibitions, working with various cultural organizations throughout Chicago-area. Being of Polish origin, I often focus in my curatorial work on promoting artist of Polish descent, and bringing to public attention the Polish heritage and highlighting our cultural importance in the city such as Chicago. Throughout my practice and cultural undertakings I found out that Chicago (despite of such a large Polish population living here); does not much support Polish art events. Having October called Polish Heritage Month, I would expect seeing more  "action", publicity and efforts on behalf of the City , that  would help in broadening the scope of Polish culture/arts and accessibility to a more general audience.
If there is anything that you know, and i might be missing please feel free to respond. I myself, will gladly "open my ears" to new points of view.
Thank you for the attention and hope to hear back from your team.

Submitted Feb 29 by M.D.S.
We really should have Art and Music teachers in every school.
I attended the Chicago Public Schools. We had Art and Music.
My granddaughter does not. I am retired and my son is a single dad who cannot afford classes at the Old Town School. Give back our Art and Music teachers!

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