Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grab Bag Wednesday

We randomly select five ideas submitted online by Chicagoans and share those ideas on the blog. Individuals are welcome to comment, agree, disagree, or post their own feedback. Below are the next five in this series:

Submitted Mar 12 by C.F. 
I live downtown and work for the City. I frequently walk down Michigan Avenue and pass venues where tourists visit. Yesterday I was at Navy Pier and The Museum Campus. All signs for directions are in English only. All of our street notices of "directions" are in English only. This is true of both O'Hare and Midway airports. If we want to be recognized as an international city don't you think we should embrace and display international languages in our main tourist areas? How about our bus terminals?

Submitted Feb 19 by B.H.
It is essential to include Storytelling in the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012.
*Storytelling is fundamental and an integral part of all the arts.

*Storytelling creates, connects, and nurtures sustainable communities through celebrating what's unique about different groups while recognizing the common bonds we share as members of the human family.

*Storytelling inspires, delights, heals, and teaches while also being provocative and  challenging. It is a disarming way of dealing with polarized ideas and encourages engagement while addressing issues of access, equity and diversity.

Thank you!

Submitted Feb 17 by M.
Expansion of the artist studio/gallery spaces.  Make them affordable and accessible on the  South and East side.  As an artist I have no place to work or display my work, unless I do festival or galleries (which are difficult to get an audience).

Submitted Mar 11 by M.H.

I would love to see satellite offices of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in every part of city; for example in the South Shore Cultural Center for the Southeast Side.

Possibly the city and state could make it a joint effort. Representatives the Illinois Arts Council, Illinois Film Office as well as city cultural agencies could have a staff person there.

It would be a place to inquire/apply for grants, musical performances and the various other opportunities that city/state has for artists.

Submitted Mar 14 by B.D.
When will the smaller theatre companies in this town have the slightest chance of being looked at either in the press/media or from the city; all of the grants and city benefits seem to continuously go to the big boys and that is not where the exciting theatre is happening.

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