Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome to Grab Bag Wednesdays!

What is Grab Bag Wednesday you ask? Well, this is a new weekly feature to the Chicago Cultural Plan blog and planning process where we randomly select five ideas submitted online by Chicagoans and share those ideas on the blog. Individuals are welcome to comment, agree, disagree, or post their own feedback. Below are the first five in this series:

Submitted Feb 10 by T.V.
Hi, I moved here from Los Angeles in September and one cultural piece that I think Chicago is missing is a sense of tasteful street art.  LA has a huge street art scene, from entire walls of large buildings on busy streets to small spray paintings on sidewalks (all tastefully done).  I also enjoyed watching the Venice, CA develop a monthly art walk that included an array of artists, stores, vendors and music.  Upon inception it was a small idea and over the last year has grown to a favorite among many Los Angeleans. Overall it was a very well-received scene, creating a strengthen and welcoming community.  Downtown LA also had a monthly art walk which has grown immensely and furthered the arts in Los Angeles.  I cannot say enough about how much I loved these events, and the diverse attendees that participated.

Submitted Feb. 2 by G.B.
I think that Uptown should be rejuvenated, with a variety of new businesses, restaurants and organizations occupying the store fronts along Broadway from Wilson Ave to Argyle.  The Uptown Theater should be restored, featuring various performances from internationally known artists, to theater, to dance, ballet, orchestra, and cultural showcases.  People should be able to rent it as an event space for company conferences, dinners, fundraisers, weddings and other special occasions.  Visitors can be given tours and brochures for a small charge.  Movies can be filmed there.  I think that Uptown has long been known for it's diversity and rich cultural heritage, and has a variety of great restaurants that show it.  We also have great music venues here, and the traffic that comes through here could cater to new restaurants, clubs and lounges.  

Submitted Feb. 5 by E.D.
How can we remain the most segregated large city in this country at the same time that we entertain the kind of cosmopolitan aspirations that we do? Therefore,whatever we do in the special events/cultural division front better bridge us there.

Submitted Feb 19 by G.H.
It is so important to include Storytelling as part of the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012.  It is a living art form that has far reaching impact.  It connects hearts and minds and leaves an indelible impression on the listener, regardless of age. There is an enthusiasm and intense listening that occurs in a classroom where teachers tell stories on a regular basis, in addition to reading quality books, which encourages learning.

Submitted Feb 7 by J.C.
Use TIF funds to subsidize developers to create more live/work space for artists and fashion designers. There are initiatives to get artists and designers to stay in chicago, but they need spaces to show their work. It would be great if we turn the Old Post Office into an arts center and farmers market, instead of a run of the mill mall.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas but how about doing something with the zoning in Chicago so there is more live/work spaces.