Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our City, Our Culture, Our Plan

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In support of the City of Chicago's launch of the  new initiative to develop the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012, this blog has been created to give Chicagoans another way of participating in the planning process through an open, online dialogue. 

Please check-in with us here regularly to find the latest information about the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 and learn how to take an active role in shaping the history of our city.

Comments and feedback on this blog are open and always welcomed. 


markon said...
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MusingRobin said...

Looking forward to the town hall meetings this month!

We need a more active forum inclusive of residents, administrators, organizations, teachers, practitioners and policy-makers to keep Chicago moving forward as a world-class cultural destination for locals and tourists.

I hope others find and participate in the online conversations to fuel the meetings and really get the discussions fired up. I'll do my best to spread the word.

Like markon illustrates, there are TOO MANY smaller yet impactful organizations in trouble. A stronger network within the city, across the wards and the North/South/East/West divides needs to be established. Think big picture first, then branch off.... just some initial thoughts.